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  1. M, C, L and S Series
    Hey y'all! In a few weeks I will be getting my Armed Guard License in Tennessee so I can pick up some extra dough on the weekends during events needing extra security from time to time. I already have a universal drop-leg holster (which is amazing i might add), but am looking for a preferred...
  2. Other Handguns
    Gentlefolk, Back around 1981 or so I fell in love with the Steyr GB...a MAjOR purchase for a grad student. fixed chrome barrel, blowback design, super-accurate for me, massive mag capacity for the time, in the running to be the U.S military sidearm, then got politicked out by Italy and...
  3. M, C, L and S Series
    So, I tried to cook today. This, as usual, filled the house with a fine haze of smoke, which isn't a good sign for my culinary skills, bit does make for awesome photo-ops with my Steyr C9A1 with Viridian, since the laser is very clearly visible. I just hope the downstairs neighbors don't call...
  4. Holsters
    Oh aren't helping me look any less dumb when ya change dumb to fumb.... Gun: Steyr m40-a1 Looking for: cavalry holster I am not interested at this time in a concealed carry holster. Ideally I would like something that sits below my belt like a cavalry holster (curves and...
  5. Holsters
    I cannot find a holster for this thing anywhere! I've gotten several phone calls and e-mails telling me that they don't have anything for a steyr with a light or laser...any help?? I feel like I've searched everywhere!
  6. Holsters
    I just ordered a holster from Shepherd Leather on Amazon for my Steyr m9-a1. It fits both my M9 & 40 and the thing is so comfortable. It's a lot smaller than the larger IWB holsters and makes wearing it a snap. It's made of high quality leather and Kydex and the best part is it's only $35...
  7. M, C, L and S Series
    Second outing with my new to me M40-A1. So far, so good. I am VERY satisfied so far as I have had 100% reliablity. I have used Federal JHP 180, American Eagle, and Hornady CD. This gun is so much fun it is getting expensive. Havent had this much fun shooting since I got rid of my HK USP compact 40.
  8. Holsters
    Hi, Im waiting on getting my licence through for my m9a1, but thought i would get on the search for a holster for it now. What i would like would be a polymer (kydex?) holster for it with a push button to release the pistol from the holster, i think this is known as level 3, but correct me if...
  9. M, C, L and S Series
    I have one on back order from Wolverine, and a local shop told me 8-10 weeks from BladeTech. Ugh. Hoping I can find one in the US that will ship to Canada immediately. Anyone? Cheers.
  10. Holsters
    Gentlemen, After enjoying my new C9-A1 so much and upon the advise of learned members I am considering a Blade Tech Kydex holster. Does anyone have pictures of the new Blade Tech offering especially with the sidearm holstered etc. I greatly appreciate your time. Many thanks Simon 150 rounds...
  11. M, C, L and S Series
    These pics are terrible! IPhone with shotty lighting. I went through the Forum pics and it is VERY obvious there are some VERY talented photographers. That being said, I am not one of them. Lol! Here they are!
  12. M, C, L and S Series
    Hey guys I'm completely new to the forum. I just got an S9-A1 and I absolutely LOVE it but I can't find a decent concealed carry holster for it at any of my local gun shops (I went to 5). Everyone said I would need to look on the internet. I want a nice leather paddle style holster because...
  13. Other Rifles
    How many of you would be interested in a Aluminum replacement trigger guard that uses the factory mags for the Steyr SSG 69, PMI, PMII, etc.. model of rifles? If it was built would you buy it? Just doing some market research. Thanks.
  14. Holsters
    After perusing the board here and seeing that Blade-tech will custom make a holster for the MA1 series. I decided to give them a call and place an order. 5 weeks and this is the result
  15. M, C, L and S Series
    Just bought a new Steyr M-A1 9mm pistol, can't shoot it as am leaving state today for 2 weeks but will spend some time w/it when back. I noticed a good amount of space between the slide and polymer body when viewing from the side, which I can change by pinching top to bottom, the slide and body...
  16. Holsters
    This is the CCW gun/holster combination I've always hoped I'd find --- the sub-compact S9-A1 and holster that can be situated just about any reasonable position and still provide a clean draw. If you go over to the Handgun forum on Steyr Club and click on the link where I posted my...
  17. M, C, L and S Series
    Hi all, I thought it was time to post a review of my new Steyr S9-A1 that was originally posted on Glock Talk's Gun Club threads. I put it on that site thinking there's no sense preaching to the choir here, and in another day or two I'll be...
  18. Holsters
    I'm looking for a shoulder holster for the M9-A1, don't have a preference as to horizontal or vertical carry. I'm a bigger guy so it does have to have longer straps. Since the dimensions of the Steyr M-A1 seem pretty close to the S&W MP9 and the Glock 17 and maybe the Springfield XD does...
  19. Holsters
    Hi all, I recently picked up a new (Dec. 2010 mfg.) S9-A1 and need the perfect holster. I want IWB in either leather (preferred) or Kydex (or possibly some other material) that fits high and tight to the body. The ideal holster will hold the grip high enough to provide a good, clean draw of...
1-20 of 38 Results