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  1. Carry Issues
    Just got this for my birthday - awesome bag! Sturdy as hell with loads of options for concealing your firearm, magazines and other goodies for the trail or urban jungle. Here are a bunch of pics of the Maxpedition Colossus bag with my M9-A1 and 2 magazines stored in various places. the quickest...
  2. M, C, L and S Series
    BladeTech makes a great holster for both pistols. I'm not a fan of BladeTech's double mag pouch for IDPA/USPSA use, its just a little too crowded for me. Bushido Tactical here in Orlando sells a great mag pouch (by Pitbull Tactical) that can be custom-molded for Steyr and Caracal, but after...
  3. Holsters
    Hey all, I'm looking for a great OWB holster for my M40-A1. I'm also looking for some mag pouches. If you all could provide me with some places or people to talk to that would be great. Thanks, Aboege0720
  4. AUG, MSAR
    I came across a thread on the UW gear forum, regarding Magazine pouches for AUG mags. Tuns out the AK 47 7.62mm might be a good option for 42 round mags. Considering the high quality of this gear I think this 42...
  5. M, C, L and S Series
    So, Amy was EXTREMELY helpful but I ended up speaking with a different sales person at Blade-Tech. After she (not Amy) spent a day looking into a holster combo for me for conceal carry she called me back and told me I could get a Level 2 Tactical for my C9-A1 with Viridian C5L. I ordered it...
  6. Holsters
    I just picked up a M9-A1, and Blade Tech holster, but I realized that my Fobus double mag pouch I use for my Hi Power will not work. What do people run for IDPA?
  7. Holsters
    After perusing the board here and seeing that Blade-tech will custom make a holster for the MA1 series. I decided to give them a call and place an order. 5 weeks and this is the result
  8. M, C, L and S Series
    Good day to you all. Here are the results of my experiments with my M9-A1. I have duracoated frame in AUG green color ( using Shake 'N Spray kit ( No problems whatsoever. I’ve really liked the...
  9. AUG, MSAR
    Can somebody tell me if there is a good mag pouch carrier for the steyr mag's. They don't fit well in my M4 carrier, and they get stuck at the top when you pull them out. thanks
  10. Carry Issues
    Hello, I have an M-40 that I carry IWB. I was wondering what magazine pouches are out there that will fit an M-40's magazine that I can wear on a 1-3/4" belt under my shirt. I am looking for something $20 or under, but will go to $30 if necessary. Thanks :)
  11. Holsters
    Hey Guys, This is to compliment the 'what holster are you using' thread... At this time I am using the 1.5" 'Instructor' five stitch belt. It is also avaliable in 3 stich, but the extra 2 stiches provide a little more stiffness. This is from and so far I am...
  12. Holsters
    I saw the sticky for holsters for the M9...I just placed an order for a Wild Bill CCW package...included holster for M9, belt and double magazine pouch...he had them in stock, so I ordered it instead of having to wait 4+ weeks from other holster companies. I cannot wait to carry my M9.
  13. Carry Issues
    Just curious... when you guys concealed carry, do you carry spare mags, and how?
  14. M, C, L and S Series
    Could someone who owns both an M9 or 40 and a Glock 17/22 compare mags for me? I am looking into some mag pouches to store my mag so. The maker has done many such pouches for the glocks, but not the steyr, to do the steyr, he would need to charge me a set up fee. Wondering if i can avoid that...
  15. Holsters
    I'm wondering what luck people have had with mag pouches. Have you used the Glock mag sized or the regular 9/40 double stack (Beretta,CZ,S&W,etc.)? I'm thinking specifically of the Comp-Tac singles but any experience would be helpful. Thanks! -Dale
  16. Holsters
    After your Tanfoglio TA90 jams 4 times on one stage in a competition class and you've had enough(...good natured teasing from the instructor), here is what you do to modify your already hokey gear to accomodate your Steyr S9 you bought on a whim because CDNN was almost out. Desantis Yaqui Belt...
  17. Holsters
    What model or size number of Uncle Mikes holsters will fit the MA1? The size 21 will fit the old M series. But with the new enlarged dust cover I don't think the size 21 will fit the MA1. My MA1 is out right now getting a another custom holster made. If Uncle Mikes has a size that fits I...
  18. Holsters
    While waiting for a molded leather holster that is on order, called Bagmaster a couple of days ago to have them send me one of their in-stock nylon holsters; came today and found that it fits the M9A1 just perfectly, as if it was made just for it. Have carried concealed daily another pistol in...
1-18 of 28 Results