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  1. M, C, L and S Series
    As the title states, I put about 300 rounds through the new gen M9A1 and the casings eject directly to the face. This doesn't happen every shot but maybe 3 out of 10 and certainly is ammo related. Was curious if any of the owners of the new gen m9a1 has had this issue? Thanks.
  2. M, C, L and S Series
    I've read that the gap between the slide and frame on the new L9A1 series pistols is much more pronounced than previous versions of the gun. I wonder if any of you owners could break out a micrometer and put a number to that? Any info would be appreciated!
  3. M, C, L and S Series
    Hi fellow Steyr fans and owners. I am in Toronto and have just placed a deposit on my first Steyr, an L9-A1. As the guns in Canada at least have dot sights and not the trap sights, I am wondering if anyone knows of night sights that are designed specifically for this model? If I could speak...
  4. Other Handguns
    Installing the hammer and hammer springs on the Steyr GB can be challenging because each hammer spring must be wound and its fixed (hooked) end inserted into a cavity in the underside of the sear (Figure 1). This can be done using some thin steel wire, a hook tool or dental pick, and a flat...
  5. Other Rifles
    Does anyone have any idea how to remove the Parker Hale bipod spigot from an SSG-08? The original Parker Hale is way too heavy and unstable. The Versapod knock offs are cheaply made. It seems like it should be removable with tools. I would rather do that, than hacking off the spigot. Any help...
  6. M, C, L and S Series
    I haven't seen this reported before; the Firing Pin Spring Guide broke by fatigue in a rather light used M9-A1 (around 600-800 shots. See it here: Here you can see two additional fractures that can breake in any moment ... I'm perplexed by this problem ... any ideas about the cause...
  7. M, C, L and S Series
    Steyr could use a little more exposure. If someone with a few Steyrs could send them to Hickock45 he could shoot them and thousand and thousands of people would see them in action. If I worked at Steyr Arms I'd send him a few examples to evaluate. What do you think?
  8. M, C, L and S Series
    This may be a stupid question, but it seems stupid to me that owners should have to spend money to fill that ugly hole thats still there once the mag is inserted.. Is there any reason that they were manufactured like this?
  9. M, C, L and S Series
    Just curious I bought a M40 A-1 today at local gunshot. I have owned a M40 for quite a while and noticed the M40 a-1 doesn't have the loaded chamber indicator. The instruction manual indicates it should have one so I am a bit confused. I knew the manual safety was gone and the addition of the...
  10. M, C, L and S Series
    Alright so I just picked up a new M9-A1 date of manufacture was March 2013 and it is an SAI import not a frakenstyer from what I can tell. I had an early s40 ages ago and loved it but sold it to pay for school I have now replaced it with this new m9-a1. I am curious as I am having dreaded...
  11. M, C, L and S Series
    Hi folks, brand new to the club but I've been trying to track down a M9-A1 for a little while now and have a question. The pistol I'm considering appears to be a Gen2? M9-A1 model with date stamp: P0Y, I believe if I've read that right it would be an August 2007 production date. Here's a pic...
  12. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone- I'm soon to join the Steyr (hopefully happy) owners club. I just purchased an S9-A1 and it should be arriving any day now. Had to search high and low with the current craze- but finally located one at a Cabelas in West Virginia. Luckily they were nice enough to sell and ship me a...
  13. M, C, L and S Series
    I work as an automotive collision technician,and as many of you probably know,the automotive business is a pretty thankless line of work and some days can be pretty was one of those days...I was burnt. Just arrived home and checked the mail before I walked in my front door,and...
  14. M, C, L and S Series
    Use only non-linting materials to clean the striker or firing pin channel in actually any weapon. Lint can cause light strikes by itself, and with dirt, it can really muck things up. Coffee filters or Chem-X filters are non-woven materials which will clean well and not leave fibers behind. Cut...
  15. Caracal C and F Series
    Interesting story developing about a Caracal C slide fracture and separation during live fire. Thought some Caracal owners may be interested... Original Thread Here. EDIT: The purpose of this post was for informational purposes only, and not intended to dissuade anyone from the Caracal...
  16. M, C, L and S Series
    Been trying to find a Gen 1 M9 owners manual...not having much luck. Theres a couple of them on Gunbroker, but the sellers won't ship to Canada(apparently its a foreign Country...who knew) They're asking $25 on Gunbroker, so I'd be willing to pay at least that if someone has an extra.
  17. New Member Introductions
    Bought a 2005 M40-A1 at a gun show this weekend. Shot it today for the first time(totally new to handguns.) I absolutely love my Steyr!
  18. Caracal C and F Series
    I've been a longtime firearms enthusiast and a prominent member of several firearms forum. I've recently added Caracal F QS & Caracal C QS to my collection and decided to join SteyrClub to learn more about these great shooting pistol and expand my firearms knowledge! So with that said, I...
1-18 of 118 Results