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  1. Wanted
    Does anyone know where I can get a hold of a decocking lever for Steyr GB without buying a whole pistol? I managed to pick up one with a spur hammer but a damaged lever for under $500 so I'm hoping to make it whole again. Any help is appreciated Gents.
  2. Holsters
    I think it came out alright, I just need to refine the edges a little but it fits nice. I do have a question though, I need spacers to put between the belt clip and the actual holster itself, I though stacking vinyl washers or kydex strips would look ultra tacky so I am curious what yall use for...
  3. Caracal C and F Series
    After traffic slowed down a bit, it seems the sister forum for Caracal pistols has been inundated with spam bots. Going through that site is now like walking through the remains of a town that's been bombed to hell and back; to find anything useful, or even remotely recognizable, you have to...
  4. M, C, L and S Series
    I searched "drop free" in this forum but came up craps. Any suggestions on making these mags drop free like my glocks? I had some serious trouble yesterday at our local IDPA match. Had to "rip" the mag out every damm time.
  5. M, C, L and S Series
    Had my choice between a "very new" M9-A1 (3 10 round mags w/box), and a used M40-A1. Picked the .40, SMI import, s/n 04708x. 2 12 round mags, no box. What do I need to know? Right choice? Thanks in advance! Gary Semper Fi Semper Fi - Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Other Rifles
    My buddy has this rifle and I am going to trade for it. I looked up how to date them on here and several other places but can't figure this one out since it has no 3 letter date code, just a 6 digit serial number. It has the brown stock, iron sights and set trigger so I am also not exactly...
  7. M, C, L and S Series
    Just curious I bought a M40 A-1 today at local gunshot. I have owned a M40 for quite a while and noticed the M40 a-1 doesn't have the loaded chamber indicator. The instruction manual indicates it should have one so I am a bit confused. I knew the manual safety was gone and the addition of the...
  8. M, C, L and S Series
    Been a while since I have been back here. Anyway just a heads up guys, I was able to purchase a March 2013 (make date) M40-A1 from Trellix Tactical, Plano Texas, I think they still have 8 in stock for those of our brother's interested. They have it in auction in GB at a buy now price of 509. I...
  9. M, C, L and S Series
    I re-shot my A1 series video dealing with the myth on the lockup. Stay tuned as it uploads. I will reiterate my findings in text format in here as well again.
  10. New Member Introductions
    Okay I have looked through the form and couldn't find any info, I just added a S40-A1 to my family. the first thing that I noticed was the Mag release is so hard I have to rotate the gun in my hand to get it in a position to create enough presser to release it. is there anyway to lighten the...
  11. M, C, L and S Series
    Thought I would share a few places that look to have mags in stock since the political insanity is making it difficult to find them.
  12. New Member Introductions
    Hello from Florida, I discovered this site and found it very helpful when I was researching my "new" Steyr M40(original version). The first rifle I got was my grandfather's/mother's 1957 Classic Mannlicher in .243. I fell in love with that gun and became spoiled in a way by...
  13. M, C, L and S Series
    how do i know which extractor i have? how do i get the new style if needed? thank you
  14. M, C, L and S Series
    If it shoots as good as it looks and feels then it is a match made in heaven. The ONLY complaint (not really a complaint) I have is that I wish the sights were more visible in lower light, however I can definitely see how the fast target acquisition will be utilized with the trapezoidal sights...
  15. M, C, L and S Series
    I hope you guys are all being honest. Steyr C9-A1. * IT'S HERE! So I recently decided I needed a new carry 9mm. I have more guns than I probably should and feel like I am on a never ending quest for the perfect carry piece. Several have come very close, but just weren't perfect. I went to a...
  16. M, C, L and S Series
    Hi Steyr community, Since the present "gun law panic" I decided to look around and maybe get a new gun. While I was shopping several places, I found a Steyr MA1 at Cabela's. Being from Europe, I am familiar with Steyr. After a little research I found the info available confusing. Now I am...
  17. M, C, L and S Series
    I just ordered a set of night sites for my M1 to replace the factory ones. How do I replace them? Do I move them from left to right or do I move them from right to left? I have used the search function on this forum, and have found different opinions on how to do this. I know on my Glock that I...
  18. Holsters
    Hey all, I'm looking for a great OWB holster for my M40-A1. I'm also looking for some mag pouches. If you all could provide me with some places or people to talk to that would be great. Thanks, Aboege0720
  19. Other Handguns
    I was in my LGS today and of all guns he could deal with me on it had to be a Gen3 Glock 19. I said I would never own one because of the grip but given the current worries over gun bans I could not pass up the gun brand new with 3 extra 15rnd mags. Guess what, it's brand new and already has a...
1-19 of 127 Results