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  1. M, C, L and S Series
    I'm considering upgrading to a current-model S9 from my original s9 that I got back in '93. I have a few spare magazines for the model I have and want to know if they will fit a current generation S9. Thanks. G
  2. New Member Check-In
    Hey everyone, I'm a new member here. Coming to you all from Houston, TX. Current Steyrs include an M40 and a .308 Elite.
  3. M, C, L and S Series
    Hey all! Firstly, no spoilers here. But secondly! Near the end of the new James Bond movie, Skyfall, check out the villain's handgun - it's definitely a Steyr M40. :)
  4. M, C, L and S Series
    Saw the new Liam Neeson movie last night....last part of the movie he's breaking bad with what I'm sure was a Steyr M-A1.
  5. The Pub
    Hi there fellow Steyr devotees Just quick mention that atlast mainstream movies have picked up on what an excellent weapon the STEYR M pistols are, as was used extensively by the hero/main character, Brian Mills (Liam Neeson)in the new "TAKEN 2" movie, which is a sequel to the excellent "Taken"...
  6. Other Handguns
    Took the re-hammered GB out today for a quick 30 round smoke and function test. In every respect it exceeded my expectations for smoothness , accuracy, reliability and O-Yeah soot build up. Holy Moly filthy . 30 rounds transformed the internals into a tailpipe from a crosstown bus. Is this a...
  7. M, C, L and S Series
    Ordered a new threaded barrel from Steyr Arms, come packed perfectly and new (2011) production. $299, which isn't bad at all. They used to be $349 I believe.
  8. The Pub
    Converting a room over to be an armoury room in my residence. So far, so good. Still have paint work and flooring work left. Anyways, a deal came up last week and I had the gentleman that designed the cases for Oakley sunglasses build me "modern gun cabinets". Glass, Aluminum, Steel and Black...
  9. The Pub
    So the wife and I are at the movies and a preview starts to flash, and I say to myself..."wow, all those guns, and they appear to be being used realisticly wonder if it's a new M.M movie" then Jamie Foxx shows up in the preview..."yup definitely Micheal" then there's like these speed...
  10. The Pub
    I was watching Underworld (2003) on tv last night, and about half way through the movie, when Kate Beckinsale takes Scott Speedman to an apartment, there is a scene where they show several asault weapons, one of which I believe to be a Steyr AUG. Does anyone have this movie to confirm?
  11. The Pub
    Greetings Steyr Movie Fans! Ok, I saw Lord of War in the theaters and I have to say it is a must see movie for anyone who would consider themselves a gun nut. Alot of action and solid acting make it one my favorites that will add to my dvd collection. The DVD will be available for purchase or...
  12. The Pub
    I went in to my local indoor gun range today just down the street from my work. I had the management order me 2 new Steyr m1 2 week ago and they came in. Good news first. Went in at lunch and filled out the paper work and paid for the 2 Steyrs (M9A1 & M357A1). While I was there a few people...
  13. M, C, L and S Series
    Just wondering if anyone's interested in trying rig up an M series barrel (M9 I suppose, since 9mm blanks are easier to find) with a restrictor, for semi-automatic blank fire. I do a little work as an indie film armorer on the side, and usually use the purpose made blank guns... they're cheap...
  14. The Pub
    Went to see Aeon Flux yesterday with my daughter. (it was ok) Anyway, I swear the rifle's used in the flick were all Aug A3's with the usual hollyweird attachments hanging off them. pretty cool.
  15. The Pub
    I went and saw the movie history of violence tonight and i thought it was pretty good. Its not a movie to take kids to a lot of violence of course and sex it was pretty greusome. But i thought a pretty good movie. Has anyone seen Lord of War? Was it any good? :D
  16. The Pub The above is a link to an awesome mix of the bank robbery in the Michael Mann "HEAT" movie I found over on I'm certain many on here have seen it already, but if you haven't it really is worth checking out if you like rock n'roll music...
  17. Tactics and Training
    Got my ASP red gun of the M. It's a bit larger than the real thing at the the front around the trigger guard and where the serial number would be on the frame. Thus, it won't fit into my HBE Com3. :evil: I was hoping to be able to use this thing for training with the holster I use now. I...
  18. The Pub
    Ok, its an anti-gun movie about the evil of selling guns to third world nations. However, I LOVED THIS MOVIE. A very solid and believable script backed up by decent acting and enough action to hold interest. Its a heavy movie in many respects, but there is some light humor used at times to...
  19. The Pub
    Ok, Once in awhile I like to see an action movie that is so over the top that I'm not annoyed by mistakes in accuracy or faults in realism as it relates to firearms or the military. Every now and then I want a movie with alot of explosions and that is just fun to watch. Transporter II is that...
  20. The Pub
    "LAND OF THE DEAD" Horrible, terrible, I want my money back! Ok, I loved the remake of "Dawn of the Dead," and I like the original "Night of the Living Dead," but hated "Day of the Dead" and have mixed feelings about the original "Dawn of the Dead". That said, I have to say that "Land of...
1-20 of 34 Results