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  1. M, C, L and S Series
    oh dear god!!! uh ok...lets say hypothetically I was cleaning my M9 and lets assume that while I was sliding the extractor bacl in place my 3 yo jump in behind my and whak "hi daddy across the back" causing the extractor to slip and the little itty bitty sping and spring guide flying into outer...
  2. The Pub
    Subject: Home Security Systems and Techniques I'm getting really sick of turning on the television and seeing small children have been killed or kidnapped from their own homes. So, I thought that we could all share ideas for how to improve home security. There are alot of intelligent...
  3. Maintenance / Tweaks / Technical Difficulties / So
    I remember reading about this on the GT site, but I can't find it anymore. Do we have those instructions around here? Thanks in advance. Jeff
  4. The Pub
    OK folks, let's make this official. I say we keep this simple for the first time out. If you want me to add an option to the poll, let me know and I will. You must post in the Postal Match Signup thread by 4/30 to be eligable for this shoot. When we decide what type of match/target we want to...
  5. The Pub
    Haven't seen him on here in a while.... Hmmmmm....Anyone know where he is? I will try and E-mail him. CGuns
  6. Holsters
    Steyr Club Approved vendor: HeavyMetalHolsters - Kydex/Leather, Custom/Build to order Leather Cleveland's Holsters LLC - Kydex/Leather Others: - Kydex - Kydex - Sig 229/Steyr...