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  1. M, C, L and S Series
    Hi there, as the title says, the edge of the feed ramp of my M9A1 (Frankensteyr) just broke (it's a small piece) but the gun is only 4,000 rounds give or take a few hundred. And living where I do, it's nearly impossible to get a new barrel. Also the paperwork for getting a new barrel is hell...
  2. New Member Check-In
    Hi everyone, I live in North Carolina and own an SSG04-A1, Pro Hunter, and just recently purchased an SSG08. All 3 in 300 win mag. Hope to meet up with other NC long Range shooters. "Ex Umbris Venimus"
  3. New Member Check-In
    Ladies and Gentlemen, as of yesterday I am the proud owner of a M9 - A1 (i think). Bought the gun used, but according to the owner it has only been fired 100 times. The condition of the gun supports said claim, as the finish is immaculate and there is 0 wear on all 3 mags. Took it to the range...
  4. M, C, L and S Series
    I'm somewhat of a "newbie" here, and I apologize upfront if I'm posting in the wrong section. Basically, several years ago (December 2005), I purchased an M357-A1 through a member here for my first handgun while I was visiting my home state (Texas) but was living in Wisconsin for school...
  5. Caracal C and F Series
    So I've been looking around for my first pistol that will eventually be used as a CCW and I've narrowed it down to a few options. One of which is obviously the caracal, but my problem is that I cannot find a reputable IWB holster for one. I know RKBA makes one but I can't find anything about...
  6. The Soap Box
    Osama Bin Laden was living with 3 wives in one compound, and never left the house for 5 years. It is now believed that he called the US Navy Seals himself.
  7. The Soap Box
    It's a rather long article but puts the whole Trayvon shooting by the racist George Zimmerman into perspective. Link
  8. The Soap Box
    One of the few good things about living in the south is...we don't have to go through this. The ******** are good for something I guess.
  9. New Member Check-In
    Hi,friends of STEYR-Handguns. I am a new member of your club and I want to introduce me as an old man (age 72 years),I collect Steyr-Pistols fom 1905 till 1974 but my favorite branch is Benchrest-shooting.( Worldchampionship in rimfire last year in Summerville SC) For first time that`s all,but...
  10. Carry Issues
    Just a heads up folks. NYC has some of the strictest gun laws in the country and if you ever do decide to travel here, leave your gun at home. Very recently two otherwise law abiding citizens have been arrested while visiting the 9/11 memorial and the Empire State Building. They saw posted...
  11. Carry Issues
    Well the wife got her CHL a while back, finally got her a good holster, and she has started to carry on a consistent basis. As we are always on a tight budget (what with a new kid!...), I wanted her to carry first. She works out in an industrial area with pretty skitzy locations nearby, so I...
  12. New Member Check-In
    Hey all! I have been lurking on here for quite awhile. I have loved this gun since it first came out, yet never got to see one in person in New Jersey. A small gun dealer just over the border in NY happened to get a few in..Needless to say the rest is History... Really enjoy how it shoot's...
  13. Holsters
    I glanced but didn't see a previous thread asking about holsters for the newer C9-A1. I just got one, and haven't been able to find a paddle holster that will work. I know it's essentially an M frame with an S slide, but the S paddle from Fobus doesn't work. I'm in the great Commonwealth of...
  14. Ammunition and Reloading
    Does anyone have experience with BVAC ammo? Found some at a gun show this weekend and bought some. I will let everyone know how it shoots in my S-40. Thanks Jayson
  15. Anything Else
    Hello, Currently, my only firearm is my Steyr M9. I'm looking for suggestions on quality gun safes that I might consider (and not consider) that will keep my gun safely locked up when I'm not home and one that has easy access, etc. I'm looking for something on the small side....and one that...
  16. AUG, MSAR
    What are the chances that somebody (Pj's?) starts importing ADI AUG parts now that Steyr stuff is banned?
  17. Carry Issues
    It's kinda difficult to ask as I'm having trouble figuring out how to word it. Whenever I get my CCW, I need to know... basically... what to wear in order to properly conceal. So I'm gonna ask you guys. If I know what you wear, I'll have a better idea of what to put on when I walk out. What do...
  18. Industry News
    It delights me to see Steyr establish a manufacturing facility in the US of A. To whom do I send a resume? I have 2 degrees in Gunsmithing and 20 years experience in Manufacturing Engineering in aerospace. I would love to get back into guns as a living.
1-18 of 34 Results