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  1. Holsters
    Alien Gear Holsters Introduces the All New Cloak Tuck 2.0 IWB Hybrid Holster! Our PATENT PENDING, 'Cloak Tuck 2.0' Neoprene Composite Holster is our most comfortable and stable holster yet. This inside the waistband (IWB) hybrid holster features a light weight design with a soft neoprene...
  2. Holsters
    One of our fellow Steyr Club members made a matching kydex holster and a mag pouch for my L9-A1. I'm awaiting the arrival, but had to show the pics. It's sweet. I'll post the mag pouch next week. Let me know if you'd like his contact info:
  3. Holsters and Cases for Sale
    TWO LEFT HAND holsters for sale. Both shipped for $30. 1 is a Safariland Duty holster (model 6280) with several years of use, wear and tear still in good working order. 1 is a Grandfather Oak custom Kydex with tensioning screw and quick release belt loops, basically brand new. Although I'm...
  4. Steyrs for Sale
    I have for sale a Steyr M9A1 9mm, like NIB, only 50 rds. thru it, comes with a NIB Streamlight TLR-1 HL (630 lumens), and an RP Concealment Kydex light bearing holster for both. Comes with box, 2) 17 rd. magazines, all paperwork. Gun fuctions flawlessly and is a match grade tack driver. Has the...
  5. Holsters
    I think it came out alright, I just need to refine the edges a little but it fits nice. I do have a question though, I need spacers to put between the belt clip and the actual holster itself, I though stacking vinyl washers or kydex strips would look ultra tacky so I am curious what yall use for...
  6. Holsters and Cases for Sale
    This is the 3rd holster I have made and after I set all of my rivets I realized that I put them in backwards for right handed draw SOOOOO, I decided to make it for a lefty. ALL holsters I make and sell for full price will come with 1 free mag carrier. I am asking $40 TYD, the clips accommodate...
  7. Holsters
    Will let you all know how well it works. Price is reasonable and the Kydex looks like it fits a Steyr.
  8. Holsters
    Hello fellow Steyr users, Since we don't have any good non-leather holsters for the Steyr M9-A1 here in Austria, I treated myself to a Cleveland IWB holster. Communication with Bobby & Jeanette went realy well, and they were extremely friendly and helpful. Unfortunately I have not found the...
  9. Holsters
    Finally got my Eclipse holster for my M9-A1 yesterday. I was initially disappointed with it, I thought I wanted to wear it at 3:00. That's where I would wear my nylon holster. The body side of it kinda poked into my hip meat, and the loop position made my belt stick out. (my waist is 32-34-ish)...
  10. Holsters
    Fellow Steyroids, Just wondering if anyone had any experience with either the SHTF and/or MDJ holsters. MDJ YouTube Review SHFT YouTube Overview and Write up Thanks!
  11. Holsters
    I've never owned a Kydex holster. My question is this. Is the hard Kydex material rougher on gun finishes than say leather or nylon? Does repeated holstering of a weapon in Kydex wear on the finish quicker than soft leather or nylon?
  12. Holsters
    I recently read a post here that claimed the Fobus Paddle #SG229 will work for a M40-A1. Can anyone else confirm this? (Its made for a SIG P229). Or perhaps any other "reasonably priced" Kydex/Polymer Holster? Thanks in advance! Cheers
  13. Holsters
    I cannot find a holster for this thing anywhere! I've gotten several phone calls and e-mails telling me that they don't have anything for a steyr with a light or laser...any help?? I feel like I've searched everywhere!
  14. M, C, L and S Series
    This is the Steyr S9A1 sub compact model, amazing feel in the hand, amazing trigger, better than ANY Glock I have ever fired. She came with 2 10 rd clips and a nice case. The trapezoid sights are going to be a hit (no pun intended), target acquisition is very fast and I cannot wait to get her to...
  15. M, C, L and S Series
    BladeTech makes a great holster for both pistols. I'm not a fan of BladeTech's double mag pouch for IDPA/USPSA use, its just a little too crowded for me. Bushido Tactical here in Orlando sells a great mag pouch (by Pitbull Tactical) that can be custom-molded for Steyr and Caracal, but after...
  16. Holsters
    Hey all, I'm looking for a great OWB holster for my M40-A1. I'm also looking for some mag pouches. If you all could provide me with some places or people to talk to that would be great. Thanks, Aboege0720
  17. M, C, L and S Series
    So, I read the article on Steyr's website on the C series pistols, and kinda fell in love, which led to me buying my very own Steyr several months ago. That article paired it up with a Viridian C5L light/laser combo, and after some reading, I really like the sound of the green laser, and I...
1-17 of 97 Results