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  1. M, C, L and S Series
    Hey Gang, I know there are probably hundreds of threads about carry ammo on here, but I can't seem to find any information on Hornady Critical Duty 9mm +P. I was told by a coworker that the Critical Duty (CD) are longer bullets and that guns with shorter feed ramps have a hard time cycling...
  2. New Member Check-In
    Hello, I just started with my training and applied for an OZ gun licence which will hopefully be granted in about 10 months time. I want to get into IPSC shooting. By asking arround nobody would have heard of anybody shooting the M9-A1 in competition. So I am just wondering where I could try...
  3. M, C, L and S Series
    I have a spare extractor laying around and I was wondering if these types of extractors were problem types or if they are worth it for people are needing parts. The old warranty guy in Iowa sent me one when I was having issues with my old M9, pretty sure I never used it and just sold the...
  4. M, C, L and S Series
    ....gotta love this...
  5. New Member Check-In
    Hello, First let me say your community here has already been a treasure trove of info for me in selecting and purchasing my new S9-A1. I love my Ruger LCP and Sig P290RS, but after shooting my brother's old trusty M9-A1 for the umpteenth time, I decided to make the hour and forty five minute...
  6. New Member Check-In
    Hi, My first time here everyone, I just purchased a SSG69 P2 today. Very excited, I would have preferred a P1 but this one was to good a deal to pass up. Already finding the forums very interesting & helpful. Regards Don
  7. Ammunition and Reloading
    Just finished up the testing of the 223 Speer Gold Dot 64gr soft point round. Here's a summary of the conditions and results. Test conditions: -16'' PSA mid-length chrome lined barrel -70 degrees -300 feet above sea level -Test rounds fired from 7 feet -FBI spec Clear Ballistics gel block...
  8. Other Handguns
    The SIG P229 was the first gun to be made exclusively in New Hampshire rather than Germany. US vs German made SIGs are a controversial subject in the SIG community but I don't care where the gun was made as long as it performs as I expect it to; and this gun does. I currently have about 600...
  9. Other Handguns
    It seems like every week there's a question about how to do a 10mm conversion on a G21 or G30 (process is basically the same as below...). So I decided to do a little video explaining how to do it and demonstrate the difference in firepower you'll achieve while doing so. Gun: Generation 3...
  10. New Member Check-In
    Hi! Coming across this forum is a gold mine! :) I have recently acquired a Steyr M9A1, date code Z0F (June 2004 i think). The previous owner shaved off the chamber indicator to get rid of the FTE's. Is this true at all? :) Thank you guys for accepting my registration!
  11. Other Handguns
    I picked this gun up in 2010, put 100 rounds through it, and it's been in my carry rotation ever since. I generally shoot one magazine through the gun every time I go to the range just to keep familiar with the gun but I don't particularly enjoy shooting it like I do my larger framed guns...
  12. AUG, MSAR
    I took my first tactical shooting class last week and other than my Steyr USR everyone had ARs. About 5 out of 10 of them had some kind of jam/double feed. (I was kind of enjoying it) Not to brag, but the Steyr was flawless. I was told that most AR failures are magazine related. OK fine, so...
  13. New Member Check-In
    New guy with an old m-9. Is there a aftermarket recoil spring of less lbs so I can shoot lighter loads? Like 147 Montana Gold o/ 3.4 N320. Thanks! Best ergonomic semi-auto on the market!!!! What sights!!!
  14. Other Rifles
    Hi. Steyr Club newbie here. I am trying to figure out how to sight in my 1995 Steyr SSG PIIK. It came with a Hensoldt Wetzlar ZF 500 scope, which is a scope that I think is fairly commonly seen on these types of Steyrs. Currently, the rifle shoots about 8 inches high at 100 yards (i.e...
  15. Caracal C and F Series
    Nevermind........that makes me sad
  16. M, C, L and S Series
    I picked up a LNIB S9 today. I prefer the pre-A1 style and was fortunate to find an old S9 in such good shape. VOW date code. November 2001 manufacture date. Pictures up. :thumbsup: Bittrich
  17. M, C, L and S Series
    Good Morning! After 5 years of using a Glock 17 and then 15 years of using a SIG-220 it was time to buy a new gun. And my choice was a Steyr M9-A1. I really don't now why, but it was love at first sight... Now I have one and because it was at discount at my local dealer, it like to know how...
  18. M, C, L and S Series
    Gidday from Aussie Folks! I finally picked up my new M9 A1 a couple of weeks ago and I must say I am very happy with my purchase! I love the feel of this weapon, fits my hands just right. I really like the safety features - at first I thought it never had the trigger guard safety but it does and...
  19. Ammunition and Reloading
    I've been testing almost a dozen premium JHP self-defense rounds and have a working list of better rounds for a new S9-A1. Has anyone else run some informal tests and come up with their own list? If so, please share your list with the rest of us.
1-20 of 53 Results