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  1. Anything Else
    Anybody have one of these cheap 1911's? I've seen new Llama MAX .45 pistols for a little over $200. I know you get what you pay for, but sometimes there are good values out there, too. Thanx//
  2. Maintenance / Tweaks / Technical Difficulties / So
    Just cleaned my M9 the other night. The following night when I checked it before bed I noticed distinct discolored/light areas on the metal slide. Has anybody else experienced this? I used outters cleaner and thought I wipped it down pretty good afterward. Any suggestions for future...
  3. M, C, L and S Series
    Ok, I know alot of people on here own the new Steyr MA1 series of pistols either in 9mm or .40 caliber (haven't seen any reports of .357). I personally own an M-40 and was wondering how much better, if at all, the new MA1 series really is? I have seen some threads where there have been...
  4. Carry Issues
    anyone do this???? My wife shot the S9 in a "tactical practice" session tonight. It was her first time shooting an automatic in one of thes sessions (idpa/ipsc/icore unsanctioned practice drills basicly). She got through the three stages all right and had good accuracy "looks like you lost a...
  5. AUG, MSAR
    Since Diamond Trails are having their troubles with Steyr, is Steyr trying to tell us something. Here is thier website Fast
  6. Other Rifles
    I would be interested in hearing from anybody who owns or has experience with a Scout in this caliber? How potent is the round? Also, is it going to be manufactured in the future or am I throwing money down a hole? What are your reloading experiences like? THANKS!!!!
  7. M, C, L and S Series
    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone knows about how long the magazine spring is expected to last before it needs to be replaced. I'm not having any problems yet it's just information I'd like to have for future reference. Also if anyone can give me some tips on how to extend the magazine...
  8. AUG, MSAR
    There ha been much speculation recently about an Aug Rifle being sold in the US in the future (1 or 2 years). The parts for these rifles would come from Malaysia and assembled with a domestic receiver probably. Even if some knowledgeable people are right about this,that it will never happen, is...
  9. Anything Else
    I happened to be in the neighborhood today and dropped by the Scottsdale Gun Club. It's a very nice faciltiy. I noticed the full auto AUG for sale. Only need the proper liscense and $17,000! Matches
  10. Holsters
    I ordered the picattiny rail mount and the leather holster. The rail adapter uses an aluminum rail and steel locking clamps. It is very well made and mounts up nice and tight. It aint fast by any means. I am glad I puchased it. and the M40 will be able to do bedside duty with an M3 or X200 I...
  11. Anything Else
    Just what we all need.....Another forum! LOL. Come join us for all things CZ.
  12. The Pub
    Allright! A fellow Miata junkie! Don't listen to the haters, man. Anyone who thinks it's a "***" car has never toe-heeled from 5th to 3rd and slammed an onramp at 65 with the engine wailing and the tires squealing. I inherited my father's '93 Miata a few years back. Unfortunately, I sold it...
  13. M, C, L and S Series
    Steyr M-9 report It's a winner!!! I took my new Steyr M-9 to the indoor range a few weeks ago and ran about 250 rounds of assorted 9mm thru it: Blazer aluminum 115gr ball Independence 115gr ball WWB 115gr ball Gold Dot 124gr JHP and...
  14. Carry Issues
    In most states that offer carry permits they require a certain amount of training. Some state have very specific topics that must me covered and other only require you have taken hunters safety. Since we know that about 70% of us have carry permits or will have one shortly I think it would be...
  15. M, C, L and S Series
    Hey all, just got my new mags from CDNN. The only problem is that I ordered 2 standard cap M9 mags and got 2 standard cap M40 mags. Was wondering if it'd be worth it to send them back and get the right ones or just mod them so I can use them.
  16. Anything Else
  17. The Pub
    My SteyrTalk gear has arrived, and it looks great. Kudos to Flachef and his sister for setting that up, products look great, She even threw in an extra kozie for some "flaw" in the shirt that i be honest, i cannot find a "flaw" in the looks great to me, so if this is...
  18. The Pub
    A big thanks to Deluxe247 for a new location to discuss our fine Steyr products well done sir!