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  1. Non Steyr Classifieds
    hello , I think these mounts are the tallest nightforce has , I had to change to a 20moa angled rail for my ssg04a1 and couldnt use these anymore . I am looking for a fobus type shoulder holster for my glock 21 45acp , and or steyr 40 l-a1. thanks jim
  2. Holsters
    With no luck finding anything online for my M9 A1 I went to a local gun shop and tried about 20 different holsters. No Fobus would fit, tried a few Galco's, nothing, tried the Tagua's and finally found one!! :) It's leather, paddle holster for a Springfield XDM 5", p/n PD2-670!! A little snug...
  3. M, C, L and S Series
    I have a Fobus holster for a Sig 229 that fits my M9 like a glove, can I assume that leather holsters for a Sig 229 will also fit my Steyr.
  4. Holsters
    I recently read a post here that claimed the Fobus Paddle #SG229 will work for a M40-A1. Can anyone else confirm this? (Its made for a SIG P229). Or perhaps any other "reasonably priced" Kydex/Polymer Holster? Thanks in advance! Cheers
  5. Holsters
    Hey all, I'm looking for a great OWB holster for my M40-A1. I'm also looking for some mag pouches. If you all could provide me with some places or people to talk to that would be great. Thanks, Aboege0720
  6. Holsters
    Has anyone tried the Alessi OWB holster that is on the Steyr web site? Looking for an idea for the S40-A1. Trying to carry for an off duty weapon.
  7. M, C, L and S Series
    I'm a relatively new M9-A1 owner. I got mine a few weeks ago after blueorison was kind enough to let me test drive his M9 at the range. But this is more a review of the grip I put on the gun. I've always wanted a grip that was actually shaped like someones hand and well, now I have just that...
  8. M, C, L and S Series
    Here is the gear: Steyr M9-A1, Blade Tech SRB and Fobus 6900. The extra mag is one of the new 17 rounders, well newer. I need to put some rounds through it this weekend to make sure that I am ready for the first match on the 29th. I decided this year to settle on skeet and IDPA as my two...
  9. Holsters
    I just picked up a M9-A1, and Blade Tech holster, but I realized that my Fobus double mag pouch I use for my Hi Power will not work. What do people run for IDPA?
  10. M, C, L and S Series
    Hi guys, i just got one of those incredible deals on NIB M9A1 that are currently floating around (supposedly mid east deal gone bad-who cares!) Went to my favorite gun store and tried to find a holster, just about any holster, that would fit the M9. No such luck. Tried various Fobus paddle...
  11. Holsters
    I glanced but didn't see a previous thread asking about holsters for the newer C9-A1. I just got one, and haven't been able to find a paddle holster that will work. I know it's essentially an M frame with an S slide, but the S paddle from Fobus doesn't work. I'm in the great Commonwealth of...
  12. Caracal C and F Series
    What is available for holsters currently? Please make a simple polymer holster like the Glock factory 'combat" holster and the older polymer Steyr M series holsters that were once available. Hint-make them convertible for both IWB and OWB!! Thanks, Dave
  13. Holsters
    Hey guys, i want to order a Holster and night sight for my Steyr S9, what place would you recommend to buy for...?? thanks, Rafael
  14. Carry Issues
    Hello, I have an M-40 that I carry IWB. I was wondering what magazine pouches are out there that will fit an M-40's magazine that I can wear on a 1-3/4" belt under my shirt. I am looking for something $20 or under, but will go to $30 if necessary. Thanks :)
  15. Holsters
    First, I'm not a holster expert. But many of you will want to know about this one. I picked up a new IWB holster, have not seen it discussed here. It is a slightly different design, at least to me. A leather backpiece and kydex front piece. It has a moderate amount of "Tek-Lok"-style...
  16. Holsters
    I am new to this forum but am an accomplished shooter and LEO Firearms instructor. I bought an M40 becuase I liked the sight picture and the overall feel of the fit of the gun in my hand. I am a plain clothes investigator and have been searching high and low for a decent holster for the M40. I...
  17. M, C, L and S Series
    I just got my Steyr M9A1 and I love it! I would, however, like a speedloader that will work with the mags. Can anyone tell me a speedloader that will DEFINITELY work well with my gun? The next issue is that I want to start doing IDPA/IPSC. Which magazine holder will carry my M9A1 magazines...
  18. Holsters
    I'm looking for holsters that will fit a M40-A1. This will not be used for conceal carry, but I'm looking for a holster that would be alright for driving an ATV, snowmobile, hikeing, or just working outside. I'm not sure where to start looking for a quality holster.
  19. Holsters
    Hi guys, I am new to this board and just ordered a m9 from CDNN today. I shoot IDPA and I am looking for a Kydex paddle holster. Who has the least expensive,decent quality and in stock holster at this time? I have read alot of the links and other posts/threads and cannot make up my mind. I...
  20. Holsters
    I'm wondering what luck people have had with mag pouches. Have you used the Glock mag sized or the regular 9/40 double stack (Beretta,CZ,S&W,etc.)? I'm thinking specifically of the Comp-Tac singles but any experience would be helpful. Thanks! -Dale
1-20 of 27 Results