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  1. Industry News
    Here's a copy of a news report that was released a short while ago... Austrian Arms Manufacturer Sold 800 Rifles to Iran By AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, VIENNA The Austrian government authorized the sale of 800 rifles classified as war weapons to Iran for use by that country’s police, the Austrian...
  2. Holsters
    Here is my daily carry holster. This is the COM 3 IWB from HBE Leatherworks. Fit and Finish are very nice. Ride height is perfect. The M9 Conceals very well in this holster.
  3. Holsters
    Try Fist holsters. I bought a #1A canted for my S9 and couldn't be more pleased. It fits very tightly to the gun (had to actually break it in before I could get the gun out easily). Holds tight to the body, and can carry it IWB,OWB, or in the pocket. Their order site could be a little better...
  4. Holsters
    Steyr Club Approved vendor: HeavyMetalHolsters - Kydex/Leather, Custom/Build to order Leather Cleveland's Holsters LLC - Kydex/Leather Others: - Kydex - Kydex - Sig 229/Steyr...