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  1. Other Rifles
    Are the triggers the same for the Model M/S/L the same as the SSG 69? I picked up an older Model M '06 yesterday with the type 1 non adjustable trigger. It would be fine for bench work but at under 1.5 pounds its too light in general. Steyr said I could buy the type 2 for bukoo bucks, but I see...
  2. Holsters
    Will let you all know how well it works. Price is reasonable and the Kydex looks like it fits a Steyr.
  3. Tactics and Training
    Today I got in the mail my ASG Airsoft Steyr M9 pistol. I have been watching eBay for some time and they came back into stock. So far so good. I have open the box, fondled it a bit, and read the brief instructions. The piece is very well built, steel frame makes it heavier than a real unloaded...
  4. Holsters
    Hey all- First of all, no paid advertisement here...just wanted to give an update regarding a custom leather holster company that I've been eyeing for a while called Winthrop Holsters They're in Lakewood, Ohio (north side of Cleveland area...
  5. Other Rifles
    Hello everyone recently I was able to purchase a perfect example of a Zephyr with set triggers. This has been a 20 year search for me. Now the down side unfortunately the magazine is missing. Are there any sources for these magazines, original or aftermarket? I contacted Steyr directly and they...
  6. Holsters
    hello.i heave big question.maby someone can help to find a good modern holster for zastava m57 TT aka tokarov pistol.can be a belt holder or shoulder. thanks greatings
  7. Holsters
    Hey all, I'm looking for a great OWB holster for my M40-A1. I'm also looking for some mag pouches. If you all could provide me with some places or people to talk to that would be great. Thanks, Aboege0720
  8. M, C, L and S Series
    Can someone direct me in the right path to purchasing some extra magazines for my new Steyr M40 in Canada....greatly appreciated as I only have 2 10 round mags and we all know how reloading mags suck..
  9. Holsters
    Like everyone else on here, I have been looking for a good holster solution. I searched and searched, purchased holsters that "somewhat" fit, etc, etc.. but as we all know its impossible to find a good holster at a good price. Now my point.. I found a holster maker out of AZ...
  10. Holsters
    I just got C9-A1 and am looking for an IWB holster. I happened to come across this holster on ebay and was wondering what you all thought. It's basically a crossbreed knockoff, but the price is right for me and they have 100% feedback, so most people seem to be happy. Any thoughts...
  11. M, C, L and S Series
    I don't know much about these pistols, but I came across a Steyr M40 for sale and started doing some reading. Seems like a great handgun that is well designed and apparently well balanced. It appears to be an earlier version with the old style grip and odd rail. They are asking around $330 but...
  12. Holsters
    Pretty certain that this is a Steyr m1912. I also have reason to think that it is Italian Army from the connections that I have. Now I think THIS on is WW1 but again, not sure. Any help would be appreciated and any info on rarity would be good, too.
  13. Holsters
    Not mine but I saw it on ebay and thought someone might want it. Fits the M not the A1 series.
  14. Holsters
    I just picked up a M9-A1, and Blade Tech holster, but I realized that my Fobus double mag pouch I use for my Hi Power will not work. What do people run for IDPA?
  15. Other Rifles
    Anyone here ever see or know of a Model M Professional in 7.5x55 Swiss? I see in the Blue Book where some were made but I have never seen one. The Swiss is such a great round even in the relatively weak straight pull action, I think it would be very good in a strong bolt gun. The case holds...
  16. Anything Else
    Barska biometric safe - instructions on how to disable the beep I own the Barska biometric safe and like most people I don't like the loud 'unstealthy' beep it gives out when opening it, so I disabled it. It voids the warranty so you're doing this at your own risk, but with a soldering iron it...
  17. Other Rifles
    Part I: In the milsurp thread I mentioned that I had acquired a Steyr built M95 Stutzen with a badly cracked stock. It is a variant that I don’t have, and I have difficulty resisting a challenge, so, I decided to restore the stock. I figured at worst I would have a barreled action for another...
  18. Industry News
    I just thought you guys might be interested to know who Steyr is working with in the US. I also mentioned the in my response . My response below. Thank You for your prompt response. If you get a chance check out thats were I got my info before I made my purchase...
1-18 of 38 Results