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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hey y'all! I bumped into a Steyr S9-A1 at a gun show and started investigating because it just felt so danged good in my hand. Eventually I made up my mind I wanted a C9-A1 because of the hi-cap mags. I called SAI, distributors, dealers that had Steyrs in old listings. None. Zip. Nada Finally...
  2. M, C, L and S Series
    What sort of price, regular gun store price, is the new L9 going for? I am not interested in Gunbroker offerings and their usual silly asking prices. Also, who has them in stock now? Have not seen any yet in Utah, USA.
  3. M, C, L and S Series
    Trellix Tactical out of Plano, TX has L9-A1's in stock. Spoke to Phil, very amiable guy. Price is definitely good to go. Just a heads up for any of you who would rather deal with a human than Gunbroker. :salute:
  4. M, C, L and S Series
    Hello all, So far I am really digging my M9A1 for IPSC shooting, aside from the small mag well taking some time to get use to it is truly a dream for this style of shooting. Just wondering if anyone knows of a place to get replacement springs extractors etc and probably most importantly if...
  5. Caracal C and F Series
    I am trying to get a Caracal from a local dealer and he has a distributor that carries the Caracal F but they are out and waiting for another shipment. Anyone have any updates on when this will occur? I read somewhere that a new batch has arrived in the states and they are waiting to pass...
  6. M, C, L and S Series
    it's here !! My new C9-A1 w/trap sights & 2 extra 17rd mags . I absolutely love this gun !! Short slide ,full size frame what more can you ask for ? Why they would put 3 dot sights on this is beyond me . It's a Steyr it should have trap sights IMO so that's how I ordered it lol. If you're...
  7. M, C, L and S Series
    I ordered my new C9-A1 today with the traditional Steyr trapizoid sights ! I will be giving a range report this weekend I can't wait for thursday for it to arrive !!!!! FYI you can get a C9 w/trap sights straight from SAI but the distributors don't have them.
  8. Industry News
    I just thought you guys might be interested to know who Steyr is working with in the US. I also mentioned the in my response . My response below. Thank You for your prompt response. If you get a chance check out thats were I got my info before I made my purchase...
  9. M, C, L and S Series
    The new CDNN catalog is out (2006-1). No more Steyrs are listed.
  10. M, C, L and S Series
    This was posted over at and someone from CDNN susposibly stated there are only 2 Steyr's left. They come with 1 full capasity mag and 3 10 rds if I remember correctly from what was posted. I thought about it, but I don't have the money for them right now. These may be the last...
  11. Industry News
    When browsing a copy of Shotgun News at my local grocery store, I was pleased to note that there was a two-page, full color glossy spread from Steyr USA, showing the new M-series pistol, some bolt-action rifles, including the Scout, and some other things. This was the August 1 issue, which is...
  12. AUG, MSAR
    Since Diamond Trails are having their troubles with Steyr, is Steyr trying to tell us something. Here is thier website Fast
  13. Holsters
    Since I had to order some emergency duty gear and have it shipped overnight I decided to round out the order from my supplier. One of the items I decided to try was the above mentioned belt. I have been very leary of getting a belt sight unseen as I had no real idea what to expect. On some of...
  14. Other Rifles
    Does anyone have any info on the availability of the Scout & Tactical Scout. It seems that there isn't much info out there on their current availability & price. Thanks.
1-14 of 14 Results