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  1. M, C, L and S Series
    I needed to clean my extractor since it would barely move on my brand new S9. I was going to try thr other method posted on the old board but was waiting for hihoslva's method to be posted. So today I noticed it and tried it. It was seriously extremely easy. took it out used a little clp and a...
  2. Holsters
    This thing is awesome. Perfect right outta the package. Retention is superb, draw is excellent. I love how adjustable everything is, too. A very high-quality item! It fits both my M9 and S9 perfectly. If you decide to order from CompTac, don't let them scare you away by telling you they...
  3. The Pub
    I just finished packing up my range bag and after breakfast a buddy of mine that's up from Houston visiting and I will be headed to the firing line. He has never even seen a Steyr pistol or fired a .40. I'm excited about the possibility of "turning" a wheelgun guy to the darkside. 8) -Gary
  4. AUG, MSAR
    Just wondering how AUG really stacks up against the M-16/M-4 variants. If anyone has real world experience with both 5.56mm assault weapons I'd be happy to hear your personal opinion as to which one is the better SHTF weapon.
  5. M, C, L and S Series
    Hello all, First off, this is my first post to the club, and I hope the boards do well and maybe Steyr execs may get wind of our interest here in the US. I have been thinking (after recently buying a Glock 30) about the similarities and differences between my Steyr and Glock. I just wanted to...
  6. The Pub
    Okay, here's what I have so far. Please throw stuff at my kits and we'll see what sticks. Or maybe suggest something be removed or replaced. The aim here is mobile self-sufficiency. Guns and ammo are a given. Level 1- Small Pack 1. First Aid Kit 2. Hydration Gel 3. Bottled water 4. Emergency...
  7. M, C, L and S Series
    Well I mentioned an idea in the chat and it got some response so I thought a thread would make things easier to keep track of. As soon as the semester finishes up I'm going to see if I can't make an LED weapon light that fits on the factory M/S rail. Now the goal of this little project is too...
  8. M, C, L and S Series Write to these folks to let them know how many people want laser grips for the Steyrs. I have a set for my Ruger P-89 and will tesitify at the next revival!
  9. Ammunition and Reloading
    We want to build a comprehensive list of what ammo works well with the M and S series pistols. Please give us your experiences with differing types of ammunition in these guns. They can be either target or personal protection rounds. We will build a nice reference table based upon the...
  10. Holsters
    Here is my daily carry holster. This is the COM 3 IWB from HBE Leatherworks. Fit and Finish are very nice. Ride height is perfect. The M9 Conceals very well in this holster.
  11. Industry News
    This just in: Dear Mr. #######, thank you for your information and the link to your new STEYRCLUB website. We really appreciate your initiative and thank you and your colleagues for making the effort. Web design and functionality are excellent and will direct a lot of traffic to the forum...