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  1. M, C, L and S Series
    Is there a 9mm barrel conversion kit available for the M40A1? Thanks.
  2. New Member Check-In
    So.....I work at a gun store and had a customer bring in a beautiful and interesting pistol which i had never actually seen before the other day (the m40 a1) and absolutely loved it and the trapezoid sights and could not stop thinking about it and reading about it so I finally just ordered one...
  3. The Pub
    Greetings Steyr Movie Fans! Ok, I saw Lord of War in the theaters and I have to say it is a must see movie for anyone who would consider themselves a gun nut. Alot of action and solid acting make it one my favorites that will add to my dvd collection. The DVD will be available for purchase or...
  4. Industry News
    I don't know if this is real news to the rest of you, but since I read a few prior posts about no info or poor response from Austria, I thought I'd just post their reply to my query, which was exceedingly timely, IMO (approx. 10 minutes). I sent another email to the US representative for Steyr...
1-4 of 8 Results