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  1. M, C, L and S Series
    Hello All, I ordered a few M9 17 round magazines from R&R Arms out in MN back in Jan. For various reasons I only got my hands this week. Three were simply wrapped in a plastic with their barcode label on the tight plastic. The other two were wrapped in the same tight plastic, but they were...
  2. Carry Issues
    Hello Everyone, Thanks for reading, and hopefully chiming in. A bit of background: I was raised in a family with firearms. My extended family also was pro-firearms. Safety instruction began as far back as I can remember. So that being said, I consider myself at a basic level of "competent"...
  3. M, C, L and S Series
    I was happy to see the prices at CTD for new Styers. But disappointeded when I noticed that they don't carry a M 357. I looked at Bud's and no joy again. Where should I be looking for a good price on one?
  4. Carry Issues
    I went to the range the other day to site in my Marlin 60 and you know I can't go to the range without taking the twins along. After getting the .22 sited in and knocking a golfball all over the place with it :D I pulled out the Steyrs. I put 100 rounds through the S9 and 50 through the S40...
  5. Carry Issues
    Hi all, I started this thread because I made a post in a different section referring to a debate I had about this subject on THR (The High Road) forums. Below is the post with a link to the THR thread and associated and disclaimer. :lol: Feel free to comment , even if you disagree with me ...
1-6 of 10 Results