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  1. Other Handguns
    Hey Guys, Considering the purchase of a 1911 Government model, wanted to know if anyone here also has one or could make some experienced recommendations. I have always wanted one...I like the way they look. I think I want a 45 single stack, match barrel and bushing, ambi-safety, trigicon...
  2. Carry Issues
    I never thought I'd run into this problem, but I'm a belt line sorta guy, and didn't even think about it because I'll usually carry for cross draw when I carry a pistol, but... My EDC stuff is right where you'd normally holster an IWB solution. does anyone do Cross-draw IWB? I don't really...
  3. Other Rifles
    How many of you would be interested in a Aluminum replacement trigger guard that uses the factory mags for the Steyr SSG 69, PMI, PMII, etc.. model of rifles? If it was built would you buy it? Just doing some market research. Thanks.
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I'm a new firearms owner, with the Steyr M9-A1 I just got being my 3rd. First was a Ruger 10/22 and second was a Walther P99 AS. The Ruger is OK (going to mod it pretty heavily) and the Walther is phenomenal. I got the bug for guns from my girlfriend, who is an old-timer who collected...
  5. Holsters
    I took a gamble and got a CR Speed Model G holster. I knew I would have to modify it, but if it didn't work out I could use it for the OAP. ($185 NZD) Brownells have these at $110 USD. I'm quite pleased...
  6. Anything Else
    I thought you guys might like this. A couple of months ago I got the wild idea to customize a CZ 40P. My CZ 40P was very accurate out of the box. I shot some fantastic groups with it the first time out. When I first got the gun I put in one of my custom guide rods and bushings, added a...
1-6 of 6 Results