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  1. M, C, L and S Series
    I just picked up my first Steyr pistol from Cabela's in Owatonna, Minnesota - an M9-A1. I actually traded my Sig P229 .40 S&W for the M9. Date code is LWR - Feb 2013, so fairly new production. I came across the Steyr after researching the Caracal and learned that they were designed by the same...
  2. New Member Check-In
    Hi, I just picked up my new M9-A1 today. Can't wait to get to the range.
  3. M, C, L and S Series
    I haven't seen this reported before; the Firing Pin Spring Guide broke by fatigue in a rather light used M9-A1 (around 600-800 shots. See it here: Here you can see two additional fractures that can breake in any moment ... I'm perplexed by this problem ... any ideas about the cause...
  4. M, C, L and S Series
    It's a little premature for me to panic, but I think I might have just bought a Frankensteyr despite my best efforts. I did not even think that the advertisement said M9 instead of M9A1. The other thing that should have tipped me off is that the NIB gun shipped with 15 rounders instead of 17...
  5. Other Rifles
    My buddy has this rifle and I am going to trade for it. I looked up how to date them on here and several other places but can't figure this one out since it has no 3 letter date code, just a 6 digit serial number. It has the brown stock, iron sights and set trigger so I am also not exactly...
  6. M, C, L and S Series
    after 2 sessions full of extraction problems i finally got a replacement extractor from steyr. i did not get a new spring set up. put the new extractor in and today had zero problems with 200 rounds fired. i was getting pretty frustrated. im a happy guy now and my steyr is working great and...
  7. M, C, L and S Series
    For those of us late to the Steyr handgun game, this looked like a good deal on factory magazines. Just went on sale last night (20MAR13)
  8. M, C, L and S Series
    Hello, I have a Steyr M9a1 with the date code IOW (Sept. 2010). I have not shot the pistol much but my friend is going to use it for a multi-day handgun course. Is there any way to tell if my gun has the updated extractor? I would just hate for it to be a problem mid-course. I am also...
  9. Ask Bubits
    Mr. Bubits Can you give me some information about this gun? Here is a brief description...On the slide, it says Austria, a serial number, GOK Steyr Mannlicher..on the other side is says Steyr S9 9x19. Just some informative information would be very helpful. Also, what is a good round to shoot...
  10. M, C, L and S Series
    ran to pick it up today also bought a tac light and two 17 round mags. went to the range and out of 150 rounds id say i quit counting at 20 extraction issues. ammo was remington 115gr fmj i want to love this pistol........arrrrgggg
  11. M, C, L and S Series
    I've been scouring the web for more info on this, does anyone know the backstory on the Frankensteyrs? Mine is one of the PW Arms imports. Year code SOF. I have the M9 slide with the old extractor, the new frame with the rail. Serial number is in the 040 range, so are this refurbs? The frame has...
  12. M, C, L and S Series
    BladeTech makes a great holster for both pistols. I'm not a fan of BladeTech's double mag pouch for IDPA/USPSA use, its just a little too crowded for me. Bushido Tactical here in Orlando sells a great mag pouch (by Pitbull Tactical) that can be custom-molded for Steyr and Caracal, but after...
  13. Forum Issues
    Tried to contact a member to make an offer on a holster but it keeps saying "cannot connect, try again". Am I doing something wrong?
  14. M, C, L and S Series
    I recently purchased a M40-A1. I had a choice of either the M40 or the M40-A1. I went with the A1 because it was newer and held 12 rounds. I thought all A1's were made after 2010 but after reading on this forum I am finding out that this is not true. Is there a place to look up my serial # and...
  15. New Member Check-In
    Hi all! I've been a lurker here for about a week trying to learn all I could about these awesome guns and thanks to everyone's input and information they've posted, I went on the hunt just to see if it was a viable option to carry. After calling about every shop in town, I found one that had a...
  16. M, C, L and S Series
    Hi all, So I'm new to the Steyr world. I think the designs are really neat. I've been thinking about a 40SW as with the current craziness I have a hard time finding 9mm and 45ACP but 40SW is everywhere. A local LGS has a Stey M40-A1 with SOM date code, so 2005? Gun is in good shape and comes...
  17. M, C, L and S Series
    Greetings- Most photos depicting new S40-A1's show the "CWO" date code - October 2010. Any newer codes out there? No real important reason to know - mere curiosity my only driving force. Would not mind having a CWO S40, though. Military designation, eh? Thanks&Cheers.
  18. Other Rifles
    model s Caliber 7mm mag Also has Grand Rapids Michigan stamped on it Twisted/forged barrel Had a mannlicher scope on it at one time. It got a dinged/scratch during a tumble in the Rockies thanks for your input.
1-18 of 59 Results