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  1. Other Rifles
    I am seeking information regarding the Styer 300M Match CISM rifle. General history, dates of manufacture, when imported to the USA, barrel thread specifications, What was the purpose of threading a match rifle barrel? Quantity manufacured? Serial number to manufacture date data, Original...
  2. Other Rifles
    Steyr 308 300M Standard CISM rifle. Can anybody help? I have two questions. a) is there a hunting style stock that would fit my rifle, the competition stock is too cumbersome for stalking. McMillan make a tactical stock, I would prefer a hunting style stock or thumbhole style b) I have been...
  3. New Member Check-In
    Hello all, I have a small gunsmithing shop and do quite a bit of work for various competitors for NRA highpower rifle and silhouette, as well as other shooting disciplines. I am looking for a source of parts for a Steyr CISM in 7.5 Swiss. More specifically, the trigger shoe components. These...
  4. Other Rifles
    Hello Gentlemen, I am new here and joined because I am stumped....I have acquired a Steyr SSG match target rifle, with target stock and diopter sights, The problem I am having is the mounting rail is a bit of a mystery. It seems to have a 13mm dovetail on top of a 18mm dovetail with cutaway...
1-4 of 4 Results