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  1. Other Rifles
    Hi I need the plactic trigger guard and few magazines for spare. Anyone can help me to buy for me and sent it to Indonesia ? I will pay for your time etc. Because I can't find in Indonesia. Thanks Benny
  2. Holsters
    Will let you all know how well it works. Price is reasonable and the Kydex looks like it fits a Steyr.
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi, New member and owner of Steyr Mannlicher Classic .270. Happy hunting. Spider
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hello from Florida, I discovered this site and found it very helpful when I was researching my "new" Steyr M40(original version). The first rifle I got was my grandfather's/mother's 1957 Classic Mannlicher in .243. I fell in love with that gun and became spoiled in a way by...
  5. M, C, L and S Series
    Hi everyone, I have been poking around on this forum for a bit and thought it was high time I joined. I am at a bit of a crossroads. I have a m9a1 on hold at cabelas, yes, it is the hybrid model from Imported through PW. It is on sale for $379 as noted by others here. My question is pretty...
  6. Other Rifles
    I am seeking information regarding the Styer 300M Match CISM rifle. General history, dates of manufacture, when imported to the USA, barrel thread specifications, What was the purpose of threading a match rifle barrel? Quantity manufacured? Serial number to manufacture date data, Original...
  7. Maintenance / Tweaks / Technical Difficulties / So
    I just purchased a used model L in generally great condition BUT ONE BIG PROBLEM. THE SAFETY IS SO STIFF IT IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO OPERATE. The safety will go to OFF quite well and it will move with hard but tolerable force when the bolt is out, but with the bolt in the button will only go to...
  8. Holsters
    I just got C9-A1 and am looking for an IWB holster. I happened to come across this holster on ebay and was wondering what you all thought. It's basically a crossbreed knockoff, but the price is right for me and they have 100% feedback, so most people seem to be happy. Any thoughts...
  9. Other Handguns
    I keep finding slides for my Steyr Hahn. Anybody know where the rest of the parts went?
  10. Other Rifles
    I am trying to figure out any information I can about my new rifle. All I know is that it is a full stock Steyr Mannlicher Luxus model that was imported between 1976 and 1980 (per Steyr USA) in .270. I bought used at cabelas because it was the most beautiful rifle I had ever seen. I am...
  11. M, C, L and S Series
    Hey Guys, i saw and handle the Steyr L-A1 on the IWA, it is the longer Version of the M-A1 with CI again. Is this Gun available in US yet and someone have experience with it? Greets from Germany Heini
  12. Ammunition and Reloading
    Hi new to the forum. Need to work up a load for the Barnes 250grn TTSX would like to use Varget or RL15. Does anybody have any load data or a starting point from maybe quick load? Could also use 270 grn Barnes X or TTSX data and adjust from there for Varget or RL-15 Thanks in advance. Mike
  13. Other Rifles
    Yesterday I stopped by a local shop to help a buddy pick out some stuff for his first AR. As he was looking things over I saw what I knew had to be a Pro Hunter Mountain sitting on a rack that is almost entirely used rifles. Dreading the price I picked it up anyway and never put it back down...
  14. Other Rifles
    Is the $48 per spare mag (4 rd) at USA Steyr the best deal around :?:
  15. Other Rifles
    I would be interested in hearing from anybody who owns or has experience with a Scout in this caliber? How potent is the round? Also, is it going to be manufactured in the future or am I throwing money down a hole? What are your reloading experiences like? THANKS!!!!
  16. Ammunition and Reloading
    In 9mm FMJ, is there any advantage to selecting 115gr or 124 gr for a range round, or is it just a matter of price? I have seen one user of South African PMP 9mm ammo on this forum, does anyone else have an evaluation for it? (I bought some of their incrediby cheap 270 ammo for practice with my...
  17. Other Handguns
    I've owned one since the mid-80s, very accurate and reliable pistol. I'm lucky enough to have 5 mags for it, so the mags are currently worth more than the gun! Any other GB owners or fans out there? :?:
1-18 of 19 Results