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    1. shiroyu
      Hey I read in the forum that your gun is nov 2005 as is mine thought it would be neat to see how close our serial numbers match up mine ends in 542 how close is yours?
    2. last-357SIG
      Thanks a lot for your messages (from 05-06-2009 !!!).

      In the meantime the steyr ceo sended me a letter and after that the replaced the whole trigger unit.

      Befor that happend i asked several times for support. My last question was if a weapon journal or maybe the German "NRA" witch is called DEVA or Steyr can provide me a trigger scan chart of the old trigger.

      kind regards from Germany
    3. xthexheadx
    4. ETH77
      Good, let me know.
    5. marms
      Thanks. I will give it a shot.
    6. ETH77
      I measured from the top of the back side of the mag on the Steyr mag, and then marked that point on the S&W mag. I dremeled the opening up from the S&W mag latch opening, making one large opening. Make sure that you don't leave any burrs inside the mag where you cut. You'll find you need to make the opening wider (toward the front side) than the S&W opening. Once again, I just measured the Steyr mag for that number.

      You'll need a good square (movable blade) with 1/64" markings. Don't try with just 1/16" markings.
    7. marms
      Any tips on measuring to cut the new mag release opening?
      Do I measure from the top metal lip on the side of the release opening on each mag?
      When I do that, I find the bottom of the steyr opening is like a few millimeters from the top of the M&P release opening. I am concerned that the thin strip of metal between the two after cutting may not be stable. Does my measurement sound correct?
    8. ETH77
      You'll see the need for the L shaped piece when you try to remove the bottom for cleaning. It keeps the spring from going sideways and preventing the extension from coming off. Just push it up with a pen or something when you go to move the extension. As soon as the extension moves about 1/4" the L shaped keeper holds the spring up until the extension comes completely off.

      Glad you like the extension.
    9. marms
      I figured it out. I sent you that last message before I saw your instructions. Thanks. This will be fun.
    10. marms
      I think I figured it out. I have the base on there and was able to load up 19. My concern is that there is this L shaped plastic piece that I couldn't get to fit. It seems to fit in the base, but I couldn't fit in when loading the spring.
    11. marms
      Hello, I just got my M&P mag and arredondo extention base in the mail today. It didn't come with any instructions on how to install this thing. Do you have any resources on this you can send me a link to? Thanks.
    12. manChild_762
      I got a second msg with a link, but for some reason the link would not work.
    13. marms
      Where can I get one of those hi-cap mags shown in your avitar? Just purchased an M40 and would like to get a hold of something more than a 12 rounder.
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