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    Default Steyr Customer service.

    I have a Steyr S40-A1 that I bought brand new. It had problems with ejection and such so I contacted customer service and had quick resolution with them sending me a new extractor.
    I installed the extractor and went out to shoot it and the trigger went bad. It doesn't reset. You pull on the trigger and it wont move. You rack the slide and sometimes the trigger then works other
    times it still won't pull.

    I contacted customer service on September 7th. and received a quick reply telling me to give them my address.etc... and they would send me a box to ship it in. I replied the same day with the information
    and never received a box. On the 19th of September I wrote again and stated I had never received a box. They responded that they were backed up with the Aug3 project and would get one out as soon as possible.

    On October 16th I contacted them again and reminded them that I never received a box to send it in and I was told they would send one out that day. 11 days after that and still no box!!
    It has been nearly two months since I was first told they would send me a box to send it in.

    I love my Steyr when it actually shoots, but I do not know that I could buy from them again until some changes are made in customer service. They have some new hunting rifles that look awesome, but.....

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    Default Re: Steyr Customer service.

    This is sooo unlike Jeff and the guys. Call them, don't email them.

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    Default Re: Steyr Customer service.

    Sorry to hear about your trouble. I agree with ETH77 - ditch the computer and reach them via phone for all further communications. Please keep us posted on this.
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    Default Re: Steyr Customer service.

    As awesome as email is and simple as it is, most people would rather deal with a phone call than an email for certain business.

    Somebody is probably writing the emails and not passing the message on.

    That is very very common for a lot of businesses due to overflow of useless emails. I could explain further, but there are lots of books out there about this.
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    Default Re: Steyr Customer service.

    in my experience with them they email a packaging label not a box and it comes usually within minutes of talking to them . top notch customer service in my oinion

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    Default Re: Steyr Customer service.

    I finally found time to call. I left Jeff a voicemail.
    I double checked my inbox and spam folder and I had never received a label by email either.

    Jeff called me back a.d an hour later and told me he would send a box out to send it i before he left work for the day. (fingers crossed)
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    Default Re: Steyr Customer service.

    I received my box today!
    There are no instructions inside so I don't know if I should include a magazine or not. I guess I am not going to since it is not related to the
    problem. I also am not sure how to pack it, so I will send it in inside its original case in the prepaid box.

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