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    hi all,

    waiting for my license and very interested in the steyr m9. Iv contacted a few dealers here in canada (wanstalls, wolverine, target sports etc). all seem to have older model m9a1. are there any fellow canadian m9 owners? have you had any issues, can you recommend a dealer, hows dealing with north sylva (distrubutor).

    any and all comments regarding owning the m9 in canada would be greatly appreciated.

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    We're SOL. I went through this process a month ago and gave up. The only hope is that steyr does better with the forthcoming L in Canada. It's really too bad as I'll prob end up with a S&W instead.

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    man thats a bummer to hear. i have a bit of a wait on my hands anyway until my rpal comes in so maybe the L will be imported by that time. such a shame, australia has similar barrel length requirments like canada but they have current supplies, too bad we get left with old stock

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    I've got 2 m9a1's ! I use 1 and the other is my backup. Love'em. A few dealers on cgn stock them.

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    I have a M9, which is the original first model, and two M9a1's, which are the newer models before the current ones with the roll pin in the slide. i actually like the profile of the original M9 the best. they are all GOOD reliable QUALITY pistols. get one you can not go wrong. they are so affordable here in the states it is REDICULOUS. they are every bit the quality H&K is at at least half-that is 1/2- the cost. i'll take two steyr to one h&k any day of the week.

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