Double Mag Pouch Needed
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    Default Double Mag Pouch Needed

    I just picked up a M9-A1, and Blade Tech holster, but I realized that my Fobus double mag pouch I use for my Hi Power will not work. What do people run for IDPA?

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    Default Re: Double Mag Pouch Needed

    IDPA people run?

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    Default Re: Double Mag Pouch Needed

    fobus 6900 double mag pouch

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    Default Re: Double Mag Pouch Needed

    You already have the Blade-Tech holster - why not try their mag carriers too? If you send a PM to amybullock13, she can probably make you a heck of a deal.
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    Any mag pouch for M&P, S&W DA autos or other metal double stack mags has worked for me. I use an Uncle Mike's double for IDPA & 3-gun with my Steyrs.
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    Default Re: Double Mag Pouch Needed

    I haven't actually used it yet but I just got the Fobus 6900 paddle holster off ebay and it seems to hold the magazines well (M9-A1 17rd).

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    I just ordered one of the desantis double mag pouches on Steyr Arm's website. Looks pretty well made.

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