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Thread: Steyr s40 issue

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    Default Steyr s40 issue

    Hello all

    Have a issue with my s40 after the round ejects it won't completely cycle back I have to manually push action forward about a 1/4" to engage next round ammo doesn't make a difference have run Mag tech Blazer Winchester PMC fmj's - Hornady Tap - CQ Winchester Ranger and PDX1 jhp's. Has anyone had this happen and know of a fix.

    Thanks for your time

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    Default Re: Steyr s40 issue

    Just returned from second range day for my new S40-A1. 70 rounds of Winchester White Box and 20 of mixed Win dpx & Hornady ftx home defense. One ftf', ejected and reloaded in next clip - no more problems. This plus one fte in first 100 rounds are total mal functions.

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    Default Re: Steyr s40 issue

    redwing is it an s40 or s40-a1 you are having the issue with?
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