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    Default M-A1 Aftermarket Gadgets

    Hi all.

    Still waiting on my M9A1... another few weeks til they arrive in Australia.

    In the meantime, here's a few little discoveries I've stumbled across. I've been scouring the net to see if there are any aftermarket parts yet. The short answer is no. Aside from holsters, I can't find anything that doesn't require significant modifications.

    Anyway, here's what I found (and sorry for the lack of hyperlinks - my browser is playing up again).

    If you send the guys at OneSourceTactical.com the slide for your Steyr M (any model), their technicians will cut a dovetail for the Trijicon RMR sight, or any other red dot sight of your choice. But beware, it's not cheap. $250 plus the sight. If you source the optics from them, it'll cost you an additional:

    Trijicon RMR LED: $564 (sight)
    Trijicon RMR Dual Illumination: $485 (sight)
    Leupold Delta: $35 (extra milling) + $449 (sight)
    Burris FastFire II: $35 (extra milling) + $209 (sight)
    If you want backup iron sights, that'll cost you $50 (rear iron sight behind red dot) or $125 (rear iron sight in front of red dot sight)

    Now, you may remember GTIdentity put a Burris FastFire II on his Steyr M9 a couple of years ago - http://www.steyrclub.com/vb/threads/...-sight?p=71794

    Anyway, GTIdentity milled the Burris Novak Dovetail mount, NOT the slide. It appears the guys at OneSourceTactical are milling the slide itself. It seems a shame to irreversibly cut up your Steyr that way. Mind you, the backup suppressor iron sights are a good idea (they explain why on their site under FAQ).
    Check out their service here:

    Trijicon Steyr-Mannlicher M-A1 3 Dot Front & Rear Night Sight Sets are available from opticsplanet:

    Well, thats all for now. One can only hope that these new imports trigger some action in the aftermarket.

    Finally, I came across a fantastic overview of the history and design of the Steyr M and S series, written by PeteJ88 at TheFiringLine.com back in 1999:


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    Default Re: M-A1 Aftermarket Gadgets

    Big Taco or BTguiderods dot com has all the goodies you could want. Striker cups make the trigger nicer than what it already is. The stainless guide rod adds just the right balance. Check him out!
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