History of Steyr M Series
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    Default History of Steyr M Series

    As known the Steyr M 40 pistol was presented during Shot Show 1999 in Atlanta, GA. The first pistole, which stems from the serial production, was a M40 in caliber 40S&W with the no. 001001. This pistol, as well as the next serial number 001002, is in my possession. Steyr Mannlicher reserved serial numbers from 000001 - 001000 for special customers of the company, as well as for VIPs.

    The first pistol M9 in caliber 9x19 has the serial number 004201, this and the pistol with number 004202 also are in my possession.

    The first out of the production stemming M357 in caliber 357 Sig has the number 018771. I'm proud that I can call this my own too.

    The first pre-serial piece of M40 in caliber 40 S&W had the number 9811703. The first two numbers of this combination describe the year 1998, third and fourth numbers describe the month November and the last three figures show the serial number of Steyr Mannlicher. Also this pistol is in my possession.

    The first pre-serial models of M9 in caliber 9x19 showed the serial numbers 9904729 and 9904730. I'm the happy owner of these pistols too.

    On coming Friday I will publish some pictures of these pistols (also pistols with shortened sight line) together with some accessories, like shoulder stock, adapter for weaver rails, enlarged magazine, etc. in this forum.

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    Default Re: History of Steyr M Series

    Thank you!!

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    Default Re: History of Steyr M Series

    Thank you, cant wait!!!
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    Default Re: History of Steyr M Series

    Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.

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    Default Re: History of Steyr M Series

    Is it Christmas already?

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    Default Re: History of Steyr M Series

    Wow I am excited to see theses pieces of history ... How cool is that!!!

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    Default Re: History of Steyr M Series

    That'll teach me to make assumptions - like the assumption that Europeans would automatically start with a 9mm! I guess the fact that the Ms were designed as .40s from the ground up should've tipped me off.

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    Default Re: History of Steyr M Series

    Great to hear - we're all looking forward to it!
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    Default Re: History of Steyr M Series

    Lieber Herr Bubits

    You are a much appreciated and honored member of our Club. I doubt that you will have a more appreciative audience anywhere on the Planet.

    That having been said, "Bring it, Bro!"

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    Default Re: History of Steyr M Series

    It sounds like Herr Bubits has almost as many Steyrs as Babj...

    I look forward to seeing your collection photos; thank you for sharing!

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