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    Here's my pics. In the first one, you can clearly see the crecent shaped chip in the face of the ramp. In the second photo, I'm trying to illustrate the half-round dent centered on the underside of the ramp. That part of the barrel doesn't come in contact with anything during normal operation & disassembly, and even if it did, it shouldn't have dented like that.
    I can't believe Moogoogaidan has the exact same damage on his gun. I wonder what the common denominator is, or if there is one at all. It's really odd that both our Steyrs have this issue- I've never seen this type of damage before on any gun!

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    Thank you for posting the pictures. I would be interested to know the date code off both of your pistols - I wonder if Steyr turned out batch with bad barrels?

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    I bought my M9 also in 2006 and I had gotten gouges in the feed ramp, which I believe was from the fantastic stove pipes I was getting from the extractor glitch that Steyr went through around that time. Sent it in to get the extractor replaced and had them polish the gouges off of the ramp. Problems solved.

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    I think you nailed it, BaconSammich. I had some gnarly stovepipes before I got the new extractor in as well. The ramp on these guns is thinner than just about any other feedramp I've ever seen, so that probably helps out with the gouging action. Mine feeds perfectly though, so I always figured it was no big deal- just very odd!

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