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    I love my B76. I am a big fan of fixed barrel designs. P7, GB, P9s The B76 is unique among modern auto-pistols. I have fired the .30 luger version and I own the B76. I would hardly call the take down complicated. No tools are required except something pointy to push in the firing pin to allow the back block to come down. Its quality in terms of fit and finish are amazing compared to other production pistols. All steel and wood grips it is a pistol to last a life time. I will admit that the extractor looks a little delicate, but I am not sure if they actually are a problem, it just looks a little light. It is one of my favorite pistols. Enjoy yours.

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    There are a couple of very interesting B76 on GunBroker right now.

    The first one,, is a stainless steel model with target sights. It's being sold like mine was, shot little if at all. Mine turned out to be NIB. The "buy it now" price may seem a bit high, but considering the gun, the finish, and target sights, it's priced about right. It may go for less.

    The second gun is the B80 variety in .30 Mauser. This version is less common along with the 9x18 Ultra version. Like the gun ablove, and mine, it comes with the total package from the box to extra mag, tools and paper work. It appears to have seen use, but it's hard to tell.

    I'm seeing the Benellis offered complete which seems unusual for a gun this old from the 70's. Possibly some of these guns turned up and have now hit the market.

    BTW, I finally got around to field stripping this gun last night and the internal engineering is amazing. Rarely have I seen such a rock-solid gun. You've got to see it to believe it. Not knowing I'd guess that it was German. I think these guns are going to be huge collector's items down the road.


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