M95 rebarrel to Dutch 6.5x54R

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    re: my M95 Steyr carbine:

    Numrich selling unissued barrels in 6.5x54R and RCBS makes dies, sooooo.... here I go! Now does anyone have some reloading info for the Dutch/Romanian round?

    Note that this is not the Soviet biathalon/Forestry Service round of the same name made from 7.62x54R, nor is it the Greek round of similiar name.

    6.5x54R aka 6.5x53.5R.

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    wondering if you have progrssed on your project? thank

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    acsteveeve, i dont think you're going to get a response..... user bobvonb hasnt logged in since may of 2009.....
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    well, here is a response:

    I did buy the Dutch barrel, but it turns out to not be threaded for the Steyr and also only 19" long. So the project was switched to 7.62x54R... sort of. A 308 barrel is being put on so it really will be a .308x54R if you will. That round fits the clips and feeds best. Lee 7.62x54R dies size to 308 anyway and I'll be able to use common .30 cal. bullets. I'm particularly interested in Barnes 130 gr lead free bullets. They should exit at about 3000 fps. Also the rifle has been converted to bottom feed by hingeing the magazine bottom plate. I bought several rifle stocks (long rifle) from Numrich, cut them down and refinished: one wood stain (looks good), one olive (looks OK), and one Krylon Multi-Colored Textured (looks good). I like each and switch the action back and forth and haven't decided which I like best. The receiver was drilled and tapped as if it were a Mauser. The radius on the action is very close and I had to put some sandpaper (face up) on the action and then rub a used Redfield one piece scope mount until it sat tight. The wood stock has a leather slip on recoil pad and the other a traditional Pacymeyer pad that I put on myself.

    Well I actually did 2 guns, bottom load, over the bore scope. One unchanged in 8x56R and one at the smith in final rebarrel stages in the aforementioned 30 cal barrel swap.

    Also I'm not happy with the drill and tap, one hole is imperfect at best. So I'm going to look at JMeck scope mounts and just fill in the holes. (Google JMeck mounts). It is a no drill scope mount for Mosins that should work. JMeck will work with me to get it right.

    I really wanted a 30-30 but feed issues come up. If I, or the smith, can figure those issues out, watch out! That would be very cool.

    If there is more interest I promise to check this forum more often.

    Re: "family" picture. The bottom one is the 8x56R sporter, the second from bottom is at the smith for 308 barrel. both those are bottom load now. The 3rd from bottom was traded straight up for a Mosin M38 in very very good condition. The top is to never be touched. I judged it to be the best of the litter so it and the M38 are my 'show for history guns'.

    PS I wonder if a Moderator could change the name of the thread to "M95 Sporter Rebarrel"

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    Let us know how the scope mount works out as I would be interested in one if all goes as planned. My m-95 is in near perfect condition and would not want to drill or otherwise sporterize it even though it is often an idea I contemplate. I love the action and rifle if only I could put it to some use!!!